In Delhi a 5-year-old boy was rescued in the early hours of Tuesday after an encounter. On January 25th the boy was kidnapped from his schoolvan.   Three friends kidnapped the boy,one of whom was shot dead by the police. The second accused Pankaj (21) sustained injury in his thigh.  The third accused was nabbed. The accused, all residents of Gokul Puri, had allegedly kidnapped the boy for money to maintain their ‘lavish lifestyle’ and had asked for Rs. 60 lakh as ransom from the family.  When the boy was seated next to his sister in the van he was kidnapped.  The two accused came on a bike shot the driver and fled with the boy.  The case was transferred to crime branch after 3 days.  On January 28th a ransom call was made by the kidnappers demanding Rs.60 lakh.  The next eight days kidnappers kept in touch with the family members.  When the family asked for the proof of the kid being alive they sent him a video which was only for a few seconds. The police traced the accused hideout. They went in civil dress to  the accused place who had gone for a wedding.  Police exchanged fires and they found the boy hiding under the bed out of fear.

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