In Kerala to highlight the planned campaign for preventing cruelty against elephants ,a group of youths for animal welfare was named after the elephants of a local temple.  The group today has an animal rescue wing tied to the Forest Department’s Rapid Rescue Team (RRT) which volunteers to rescue animals in distress, especially reptiles.  ‘Prasad Fans Association’ (PFA) was founded four years ago by a band of local elephant lovers to create awareness on cruelty to elephants,”Prasad” being the name of the local temple elephant . This group has become popular now . The three-metre long king cobra captured by the team and handed over to the Forest Department for its release to the wild was the second king cobra the team had captured, he said. The team utilises rescue events to create awareness about wildlife conservation.  It teaches the local people what to do when they spot a snake in their locality.  They tell them not to pour kerosene or other liquid on the snake.  The team’s service for rescuing animals will be available at any time, they say.“We do the voluntary work of rescuing animals because of our passion for animal welfare,” said Manoj Madhavan, founder member of the group. The group is much sought after for animal rescue operations.


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