A 35-year-old pregnant woman Tankila Ahmed was injured after the ambulance she was travelling in rammed into a divider in Thane and died on Tuesday.  The eight-month-old foetus is no more.  “Her condition remained critical and she did not gain consciousness from the time she was hospitalized,” said Dr. Jayashree Mondkar, dean of Sion Hospital, where Ahmed was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit.  Ahmed was kept on life support and is suspected to have bleeding in the brain.  The doctors had informed family members about her slim chances of survival.  The deceased has already been unwell and had come to Mumbai for treatment where she lost her life.  Ahmed’s husband Mushtaq who works in a handloom was arranging for a vehicle to take the body to Malegoan on Tuesday.  Ahmed a mother of two sons and a daughter had a heart condition that made her a high-risk patient when she became pregnant.

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