Age is just a number for some people. M.Pappammal  at  103 is busy doing what she knows best—labouring at her field in Thekkampatti, a village on the foothills of western ghats and on the banks of river Bhavani. She was born in the year 1914 in the same village. She and her siblings were brought up by their paternal grandmother as she had lost her parents at an young age. After the demise of her grandmother, she inherited the provision store and also started an eatery. She bought nearly 10 acres of land in the village from the earnings she generated from these businesses. She brought up the children of her sisters since she had no issues. Though she gave away 7.5 acres to her sisters’ daughters, she continues to cultivate millets, pulses, and vegetables in the remaining land that she holds. She also runs the provision store and the eatery. This aged woman was also politically active getting elected as the councillor of the Thekkampatti Panchayat in the year 1959. She was a DMK party member. The secret for longevity is hard work, being straight forward  and staying clear of mental worries

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