Anil Kumble Classy replied to Fan  In Flight

Former Indian bowler Anil Kumble achieved a legendary status for himself after a stellar bowling career. His aggression during a game was visible through his bowling. He was always known for his calm demeanour on the field.

The fan had tweeted to Anil Kumble saying she was on the same flight. “The legendary Anil Kumble in my BLR-MUM flight. Glanced at him once and was reminded of that game in West Indies where he bowled with a bandaged jaw

Teared up a bit. Gawwddd, I’m such a sucker for cricket memories”, she posted. She further wrote, “I want to go up to @anilkumble1074 and say a ‘Thank You’ for all the joy, all the victories, all the memories. But, I am getting cold feet”.

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