Apple is now ‘looking into’ reports of iPhone 8 battery swelling

appleThe battery issues are now haunting Apple’s iPhone 8 smartphones. Over the past few weeks, there have been multiple reports that iPhone 8 is splitting apart after several days of use. It is being speculated that the batteries inside the iPhone 8 are swelling, causing the new iPhones to split open.

Apple has now acknowledged the issue and stated, “We are aware and looking into it.” It’s not clear at the moment whether all of the iPhone 8 units have been affected or it’s just the certain units.

Late last month, a Taiwanese woman claimed that her iPhone 8 split apart after plugging it into charge. She also shared a few photos of the damaged iPhone. Since then, there have been similar cases in Japan, China, Canada and even Greece. Fortunately, no one has so far reported units catching fire or exploding – something that happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year.

After multiple incidents of units catching fire, Samsung was forced to recall the units and ultimately call off the Note 7 smartphone altogether. The smartphone was banned by several airport authorities across the world.

Samsung never launched the Galaxy Note 7 in India. Months later, the Korean company in a detailed report revealed that there was indeed a problem with the battery in the Note 7.

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