At a nature camp in Kanakapura in Bangalore an adventurous  weekend outing  turned sour for a  city couple after a rope activity went wrong. Mr.Divyansh  Gupta said that when he visited the adventure camp with his wife on Sunday the rope used for a climbing activity gave way and his wife fell down suffering serious  injuries.  In a post on a social networking site, Gupta said: “This is called ‘Nature Adventure camp at Kanakapura’. We were 5 of us doing High rope activities.  My wife Somya felt off from the 2nd rope obstacle and was dangling mid air with support of safety harness. The helpers couldn’t pull her back and within 10 minutes, the harness rope broke !!!! I mean really !?? This adventure camp has been risking people’s life all this while by using sub standard safety equipment’s!!!” (sic). His wife allegedly fell from a height of around 12 feet. “She was admitted to a private hospital in Sarjapur, where the doctors diagnosed her with two broken vertebrae. They advised bed rest for six weeks and a surgery. Complete healing is expected to take two years,” he added in his post. The nature camp was booked by a couple through a travel booking platform.  Mr.Gupta registered a complaint with the Kanakapura police station against the nature camp. The management of  Nature Adventure camp denied allegations. The manager of the adventure camp said  “It’s a 10 feet high rope activity.  She was mid-air and she got nervous. She was also blocking the way of other participants.  Hence, we decided to get her down.  She was almost on the ground, may be 3-4 feet away, when she jumped.  The rope is not cut.  We use mountaineering quality equipment, which meet international safety standards.”


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