In Hyderabad there is acute drinking water shortage this summer. It is also steadily worsening by the day .The city’s enhanced summer requirement scarcely matches the water pumped through the Board’s pipeline network.This leads to consumers frustration as they book tankers.The quantity of water supply has also come down.“For the past one month, water quantity has come down, and when we complained, the lineman said the pumping pressure had been reduced because the motor was burnt. Now, for the past couple of days, it has come down to a dribble,” Mohd. Arifuddin, a resident of Venkataramana Colony complained. Mathapur,Nanakramguda and Gachibowli are the areas with some residents complaining of supply once in a week.Over the past 13 days, the number of pending requests for tankers has reached 11,711. Daily, 3,500 fresh requests arrive, and it is taking three to seven days for them to be processed.

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