Gmail gets ready to fight malicious emails

gmailThe WannaCry incident has led the world to sit up and take notice of data security very seriously. Users and manufacturers have understood that their data on their computers can be easily accessed by opening weird e-mails from anonymous senders. To make sure that people don’t repeat the mistakes and fall prey to another WannaCry, Google has extended its efforts to make its popular Gmail safe and secure.

The new update makes Gmail more anti-malware for Enterprise users. Businesses will receive two features that were available to existing Gmail users – early phishing detection and click-time warnings. The first one works with the help of machine learning to block spam and phishing messages appearing in your inbox. In fact, Google claims this works very accurately for normal Gmail users.

The second feature utilises Google’s Safe Browsing service and provides a list of URLs containing malware to browsers and Internet Service Provider. Gmail then utilises this list and provides warnings before visiting those links from your inbox.

Apart from these two, there’s another feature that becomes the highlight of this safety update for Gmail – warning before replying to unknown sources.

The new feature will warn users before replying to someone who’s not on your Gmail contact list. The warning also appears with people you email regularly as well as someone with an email domain name other than the one from your company.

With all these additions, Google makes sure that millions of harmful emails can be blocked by Gmail and businesses that utilise this service stay immune to such cyber-attacks.

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