It’s  not just the anecdotal evidence that points to increased use of mobile screens to watch videos .  The latest Ericsson Consumer Lab study says around  70% of consumers now watch videos on a smartphone.  This is double the figure from 2012 ,making up a fifth of total TV and video viewing. 

Youngsters in the 16 to 19 age group watch the most  content  each week (33 hours) which is an increase of about 10 hours a week since 2010.   Now about 60% of viewers want on-demand viewing instead of scheduled linear TV viewing .   About half of them watch content on – demand ,and over 60% of  their TV-video  viewing time is spent on a mobile device.   

Data was collected from 13 countries : India, Brazil,Canada, China Germany, Italy,Russia ,South Korea ,Spain,Sweden,Taiwan,the UK and the US; and about 20,000 online interviews were held with people aged 16-69.

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