Kaspersky’s Anti Targeted Attack Platform achieves 100% success rate

With every fourth business experiencing a targeted attack in the last 12 months, the need for organizations to have effective threat detection systems in place is now more crucial than ever. Kaspersky Lab’s Anti Targeted Attack Platform detected 100% of threats in its latest ICSA Labs verification test – underlining the advanced level of threat detection that it offers enterprises, including those with the strictest cyber security requirements.

ICSA Labs Advanced Threat Defence (ATD) testing covers vendor solutions designed to detect new threats. Each ATD test cycle subjects the product in question to hundreds of test runs – comprised of a mix of new threats, little-known threats and innocuous applications and activities. In brute-force style, these are delivered and launched one after another continuously.

During 37 days of testing and 1104 test runs, Kaspersky Lab’s Anti Targeted Attack Platform caught all 585 malicious samples and reported no (0%) false positives – demonstrating flawless threat detection effectiveness against nearly 600 new and little-known threats. This is the third consecutive quarter in which the Kaspersky Lab product has met the ISCA Labs ATD certification testing criteria – and the quarter demonstrating the best results.

Leveraging leading security intelligence and advanced machine learning technologies, Kaspersky Lab’s Anti Targeted Attack Platform combines network and endpoint monitoring, advanced sandbox technology and threat intelligence-driven analysis to correlate different events and prioritize incidents to help reveal and recognize targeted attacks.

In its most recent test, Kaspersky Lab’s Anti Targeted Attack Platform was 100% effective in fending off every specific attack scenario that the ICSA Labs test presented. These scenarios are unique for each test and are designed to represent the way that cyber criminals act – underlining the impressive results that Kaspersky Lab’s Anti Targeted Attack Platform achieved. None of Kaspersky Lab’s competitors achieved a similar score in terms of the zero false positive metrics.

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