Anas Nasser from Aluva broke out a new organic material such as coco peat, banana stem pulp and other plant-based matter to serve as an alternate for the soil in farming. Anas Nasser had special interest over gardening from his childhood, having been working with an IT start-up for a while ,the MBA Graduate felt compelled to move to vocation. he then started researching Eco-friendly and cost-effective methods of gardening and cultivation followed by the idea of sustainable and environment-protecting ” soil-less” farming.

Anas made out a soil substitute which holds an organic coco peat as the chief holding medium. “With space and soil availability becoming sparse in urban areas, soil substitutes are finding favour as simultaneously the push for self-cultivated organic produce and green indoor spaces gain wider appeal,” says the 28 year old.

Anas claims that his potting mixture is 100% “soil-free”, with principal raw materials treated coco peat, pulp from banana stem, water hyacinth subject to bio-reaction and sugarcane press mud among others.the raw materials are powdered and mixed in the requisite proportion after being cleansed and bio-treated .

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