Leftist students condemned by teachers at JNU

jnuThe vandalism was condemned by the teachers and they also condemned the JNU University for not coming forward and saying anything about the act.

“We are not taking any names as to who did it. But it was certainly members of the Left parties who had opposed the meet and then raised the issue of our approaching police. They are giving themselves away,” said Assistant Professor Buddha Singh whose car’s windshield was broken.

Atul Johari another teacher said that they are not sure who did this but the investigation is going on.

“We will also demand CCTV cameras on the campus — a process which was stalled so that such acts do not get captured,” Johari, a Professor in the Department of Life Sciences, said.

The teachers also targeted JNUTA for maintaining the silence on the issue.

Professor and Chairman of the Centre for West Asian Studies, told IANS. “The JNUTA is full of anarchists. They lose no time in issuing a denunciation when certain acts or people are involved… I have been part of JNU for 25 years. I have lived in fear… and even now, when (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi is in power. Imagine what will happen when he’s gone,” Ashwini K Mohapatra, a Professor and Chairman of the Centre for West Asian Studies, told IANS.

However, the entire incident was rubbished by Mohit Pandey, President of JNU Students Union and said that the entire news is fake and is designed to take the heat off of the government about the killing of the Indian soldiers.

“This is a fake attempt again to malign JNU… whatever wrong is there must be brought forth. But we will not allow RSS machinery to malign the name of JNU,” Pandey had said.

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