In Mulavukad district of Kochin, the delayed service road parallel to the Container terminal road will be ready by the end of next year.  On March 26th the technical bid is opened by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).  NHAI would assign the work to an agency of its choice if the current bid also goes down a similar path.  The initial plan was to complete the construction within a year of its commencement. However, it may take another six months considering the low- lying nature of the terrain, which calls for greater consolidation time. The project is of significance to the NHAI since local residents were against any toll collection before the construction of service road and had stopped the agency from launching toll collection on more than one occasion through the work on the toll plaza was completed sometime back.  After a battle over 5 years, the NHAI eventually decided to construct a 2.6- kilometer service road between Bolghatty and Kattathukkadavu parallel to the Container Terminal Road on its own, replacing Kerala State Construction Corporation Limited (KSCCL).   Once Kitco had submitted a report calling for the two-phase development of the road, the NHAI had initially entrusted KSCCL with raising the stretch of the proposed road by four to five feet using soil.  The idea was to construct a proper road in the second phase after giving the elevated stretch a settlement period of one year through vehicular movement.  But this was opposed by the local residents and they demanded the execution of the project at one go.   

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