A protest was conducted by 20,000 farmers and Tribals from various parts of Maharashtra. Protestors include farmers,wives and their children to voice their demands. It took place in Mumbai from Thane to Sion. Special arrangements were made by the police. A farmer said  “We are not given minimum prices for our produce or rights over land. We get 100 per day, if we find work. We do not get water to drink, let alone for irrigation.” Another protestor said “Sometimes it feels like it is not worth coming here, spending 2,000 on transportation alone. But then, this is the only hope left for us as we are moving towards a more destitute condition. Our children cannot be educated, our family cannot be sustained and the government has to help us.”  The protestors are provided food and water by many NGO’s.  Afroz Malik president of Jai Ho Foundation said that “They are not demanding anything illegitimate. It is their right and they should get it. They are humans and this basic fact must be respected. Division on the basis of ‘India’ representing urban India and ‘Bharat’ representing rural India must not be made and each should equally develop”.

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