Rajinikanth-Akshay to kick-start their innovative 2.0 film promotions in US today

20Just like the film itself, Akshay Kumar-Rajinikanth starrer ‘2.0’ promotions will be done on a huge scale.

100-foot-tall hot air balloons with life-size images of Akshay and Rajinikanth printed on them will be released in Los Angeles on Jun 28 at around 7 am (US time). The balloons will be flying across The Hollywood Sign in Hollywood Hills at Lake Hollywood Park and then in Lancaster, California at 6 am the following day. There is also another stop in San Francisco.

Not just LA and California, the balloons will also be part of the international promotional tour for this sci-film in London, Dubai and Australia.

Directed by Shankar, the film is rumoured to be the most expensive film ever made in India. In the film, which is a sequel to ‘Enthiran’, Akshay plays the role of a highly ambitious scientist Dr. Richard with malicious intent. After an experiment goes horribly wrong, Akshay’s character takes a half-crow half-human form.

Rajinikanth, on the other hand, reprises his role as scientist Vaseegaran from the prequel but sans the android robot Chitti who turned out to be an instant hit with the audience. Owing to unavoidable circumstances, Rajini’s charatcer will have to create hybrid robots. So, there will be no Chitti but many micro versions of it.

Akshay will be seen in three different looks in the film and is also rumoured to have used pheromone-perfume to attract crows for an attack on humans. Unlike most other 3D films, that are shot in 2D first and then converted to 3D, ‘2.0’ is the first film to be shot entirely in the 3D format.

A new sound technology in 3D has also been introduced in the film by Oscar-winner Resool Pookutty.

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