In North – east Delhi’s Kardampuri district a 10- year-old boy was kidnapped near his residence and he was rescued the next day the police said on Wednesday. The boy was kidnapped by his cousin and his associates.  Two men asked for the boy and his siblings for directions to the residence of his father’s elder brother. Though he was cautioned by his sister not to go with strangers ,the boy volunteered to show them the way .  “His father approached the police around 8 p.m. on Monday stating that the boy was missing.   A kidnapping case was registered and the police started looking for him,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (North-East) A.K. Singla, adding that the child’s photograph was distributed in the area.  The next day around 5.30 p.m. father returned stating that the kidnappers had called twice demanding a ransom of 1 crore.  “The first call came in around 12.30 p.m. on Tuesday and the second call around 4.30 p.m.,” Mr. Singla said, adding that the numbers were put under surveillance immediately.  The first call was made from Panipat while the second came in from Shahdara here.  Since the police was uncertain about the child’s whereabouts one team was sent to Panipat and 15 teams were deployed in Shahdara.  “The father received another call around 6.30 p.m. from Delhi.   Investigations revealed that all the calls were made from a PCO. The teams were deployed near the PCO,” he said.  During checking the police said the teams found the boy and accused  Tariq and Daneesh near Mahavir park in Shahdara. The  plot to kidnap the boy was hatched by his cousin Mosen who wanted to make a quick buck.  The duo revealed that they took the boy to Panipat for a night and returned to Delhi the next day. “Mohsen fled as soon as he learnt that Tareeq and Danish had been arrested.  Mohsen is close to the boy’s father and handled the functioning of his three factories,” said Mr. Singla, adding that Mohsen met the duo in these factories. While Tareeq still works there, Danish had quit recently. The police said they suspected the involvement of a relative as the kidnappers kept telling the boy’s father that “they were keeping a close eye on him”.  “We instructed the father not to tell anyone, including his family, about the ransom call or the investigation after that,” the officer said. To maintain secrecy Mr.Singla even claimed that the control room for surveillance was set-up in his office instead of the police station .

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