Secret iPhone features you’ve been missing out on

dc-Cover-nc0cnu27bcbumgpbej0lrpa0i7-20170612143706.MediDo you think you know the full power of your iPhone device? Think again. Most iPhone users don’t realise the number of additional features they can avail.

Forget the popular stuff like customising background or playing video games from the 90’s, the below mentioned iPhone features are made to make your iPhone experience easier:

1. Control the brightness of your flashlight: Flashlight always comes to use. However, the one provided in iPhones are extremely bright — which can come across as annoying.

But there is an option in iPhone that allows users to control the intensity of their flashlight. Simply hold the flashlight icon down, and an option that reads: ‘Bright Light, Medium Light and Low Light” will appear. You can choose the intensity of the flashlight according to your preference.

2. Erase Calculator mistake: Another application that most smartphone users need is an easy-to-use calculator. The whole purpose of a calculator is to reduce the amount of time users spend on getting their math right.

The calculator that comes with the iPhone is user-friendly, but when it comes to rectifying mistakes — users are required to erase the entire amount and repeat the procedure all over again. Simply swipe the numbers at the top of the calculator and start by removing the digits you don’t want.

3. Turn your keyboard into a trackpad: A typo-error is irritating. If you have chubby fingers then it can get taxing selecting the letter you want to delete. But there’s an easy fix to that as well.

While you’re typing, simply press on the keyboard and a cursor will appear which will allow you to move to the letter you want to.

4. Turn off the red notifications: It’s really disturbing to constantly face notifications flashing in red on your iPhone device. Did you know? These numbers that appear on the apps on your iPhone are called “Red badges.”

Users can disable them by simply going to the ‘Settings’ option, then choosing ‘Notifications.” Following which, you will be provided with a list of apps, wherein you can choose to turn-off the ‘Red Badge” option.

5: Text-based emoticons: There’s something called the “Kana keyboard” available with our iPhone devices.

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