Doctors have now stated a medical condition – ‘Selfitis’ – a tendency to take many selfies and that may require treatment .  They have charted out many measures.  The prescribed measures include taking a break from Facebook for seven days every three months.  The next thing is to avoid use of social media the whole day once a week.  Mobile phones has to be used only when on the move.  Computers must not be used for over three hours a day as per doctors suggestions.  Mobile talktime should not exceed more than two hours a day and not recharging your mobile battery more than once a day.  Medical employees are supposed to disinfect their phones everyday as they can attract and carry sources of infection to hospitals.  On Thursday Indian Medical Association president K.K.Aggarwal said :  “Research and studies have shown that clicking selfies is a medical condition. Researchers have also developed something called the ‘Selfitis Behaviour Scale’ that can help determine the severity of one’s addiction. Statistics indicate that India ranks number one in accidents related to selfies.  About 60 per cent of the total selfie accidents that happen throughout the world occur in India.”  There are 3 levels of selfitis . Clicking atleast 3 selfies a day but not posting on social media is borderline, clicking and posting 3 selfies a day is acute and chronic where there is a constant urge to click selfies and post at least six of them on social media. IMA honorary secretary general R.N. Tandon added: “Today’s generation is constantly looking for external appreciation and approval.  Youngsters want to show to the world that they have achieved a milestone that none or only a few others have achieved.  The more daring a selfie, the more appreciation one gets.  Such selfies help them get instant approval from their peers.”  “Although technology has made life easier for everyone, there is a lack of actual human, empathetic interactions.  We have begun to place more importance on what others think of us and how they perceive us.  All of this can lead to anxiety and depression in the long term,” he explained.

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