After the release of movie “zero” in December 2018 , which has not shown success in cinema industry , Shahrukh Khan have not signed to do any films ,with giving voice to the movie lion king along with his son.

the two new movie in which Shahrukh to do maim role is the treat for his fans with this massive update of ISRO scientist Nambi narayanan’s life history movie which emphazises Shahrukh to do the main role who interviews Mr,nambinarayan .

Followed by and update of big stars united such as Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir kapoor, Alia bhatt and Nagarjuna to make the movie called ” Brahmastra” , Shahrukh to do crucial role in this film too. this project has dharma productions, fox stars combined to produce and to be created in three parts.

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