In Coimbatore, on Wednesday evening, the lorries that carried the waste was offloaded at Vellalore and at the weighbridge it showed around 1000 tonnes. The lorries had carried the waste from the city on Tuesday, Diwali day. City’s conservancy work staff said 939.65 tonnes of waste that reached Vellalore was not different in terms of the quantity of waste the city generated every day. The contents that reached the dump yard was different. It consisted of firework residue and packing materials. Corporation had sprayed water on the waste immediately to prevent from catching fire. In the streets, corporation had placed additional bins to handle the extra waste generation, if any. Around 25 to 40 bins kept at the waste dumping points were full and they had to be removed on Wednesday morning. Twenty percent of the waste is yet to be removed that was generated on the Diwali day due to shortage of workers and it will be removed on Thursday.

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