Vijay’s Sarkar movie review

The story of this film has already seen by us at the trailer and bhagyaraj said. Vijay, coming from United States for elections, the entire election is getting rid of the millions, like Vijay, to put up lawsuits for their driving fraud.

This is the story of a film that has lost the regime, his Canadian daughter Varalakshmi and Vijay’s action plans to retaliate between the project brainer Vijay. Vijay has acted in the good role of a character. His gruesome acting is intimidating. The character played by the politician is Pala.Karuppiah, Radharavi characters is good. Yogi Babu’s comedy super hit in a few scenes

Mashing in this film is a sharp thriller like gun and knife. Without a breakthrough, the screenplay goes the same straight line. The popularity of Tamilnadu in one week is the most unbelievable and unreliable scenario that the competition in 210 seats and the success of the street in an American Returns Local.

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