Windows phone 8.1 supports ends today

dc-Cover-ik5cb5d3a564mu3ps6pul88rj0-20170606192012.MediThe Windows Phone 8.1 has been projected to reach end of its mainstream support on July 11. Microsoft has not provided any confirmation details on how long it plans to keep offering extended support.

The conclusion of mainstream support means that Microsoft is no longer going to issue feature updates for the platform. But by the exit of mainstream support, it now means Microsoft is only going to issue security improvement.

The only way out of this for users who are still on Windows 8.1 is to upgrade to Windows 10 mobile. This also could be a problem as not all devices are supported.

Furthermore, the total number of Windows phone which could be fully-up-to-date is even lower. The reason is Microsoft is not offering the Creators Update for all devices, but only for some 50 per cent of their models.

Microsoft has not yet provided any information on extended support for Windows Phone 8.1, the company actually suggests that the July 11 deadline might be the end of the platform.

“Microsoft will be continuing its existing support for Windows Phone 8.1 until the end of support date of July 11, 2017,” Microsoft briefly states in their FAQ page, discussing support for Windows Phone 8.1 even if the existing phone cannot upgrade to Windows 10 mobile.

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