On  Tuesday closely 103 people including children were killed in Nigeria.  Returning from a wedding the boat capsized carrying these people. From the State Capital Llorin  this spot is 160 kilometres away.  The incident took place in the Niger River  in the Pategi district of Kwara state. 100 people have been rescued until now. Abdul Gana Lukpada , a local chief said that the relatives who attended the wedding were from different villages and they partied late night before being drowned. They came for the ceremony by their own vehicles but had to leave it behind because the road was flooded due to downpour . Lukpada said “The boat was overloaded and close to 300 persons were in it. While they were coming, the boat hit a big log inside the water and split into two.” A resident Usman Ibrahim said that the wedding took place in Egboti village. The incident took place in the wee hours of morning at 3’o clock. So it took time for people to know what happened. Villagers rushed to the spot and rescued 50 people when they were drowned. The rescue process was very difficult and slow. Officials and locals are searching for more bodies in the river and it will continue till Wednesday night. It is one of the deadliest boat accidents in many years. By tuesday evening as per local customs the bodies were buried.


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