There was an alleged  turf war among students of  reputed schools in Uttar Pradesh. The incident took place on Thursday in the city of Prayagraj ,  leading to arrest of  11 students for bombing many areas . Over the past several days students were responsible for the crude bomb attacks in  different areas .  A source told  adults have been sent to jail while the minor accused is sent to the juvenile correctional home . Police had warned  students and their parents who are associated with the group. As per Stringent National Security Act  action will now be taken against students. Own  gangs have been formed by reputed school  students . For the purpose of dominance in the area  ,the gang had minor students associated with them to resort to fighting. A whats app group with which consisted of 10 – 300 members who are students from different schools have been created.  Outside different schools in the city atleast 5 bombing incidents took place  in July. During a birthday celebration of a friend  the first incident took place . The second one took place near MPVM. It was followed by crude bomb attacks .  In civil lines near Bishop Johnson College  several  students were apprehended .  During questioning students said they themselves  made country bombs looking at youtube. Firecrackers were purchased from market and they took the explosive materials  from it and made the bombs. The money for this was from parents asking for school activities.


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