The pilot and passenger of a private joyride glider were injured after it fell on a building near Birsa Munda Park in Dhanbad on Thursday, a police officer said.

Both the injured persons were admitted to Asarfi Hospital and doctors said their condition was serious.


Barbadda police station officer-in-charge Ashish Kumar Yadav said the joyride glider fell on a building just after taking off from the Barwadda airstrip at around 4.50 pm.

The passenger was identified as Kush Singh (14) of Patna, who had come to the Dhanbad house of his maternal uncle Pawan Singh.

The boy had gone for a joyride in a glider run by a private agency from the Barwadda airstrip.


In a joyride glider, only two people – a pilot and a passenger can be accommodated.

Soon after taking off, the glider fell on the house of one Nilesh Kumar. However, no one from the building got any injury.

Kumar said his two children were playing there but had a narrow escape.

A police officer said the reason of the crash is yet to be known. Officials of the joyride glider agency could not be contacted.


India today