Elon Musk twitter’s new owner has gone far this time is the view of netizens. It’s because he is mocking the platforms  alternative “masterbatedone”. A tweet which appears to be deleted was about users complaining about new updated version of twitter. Elon responded to them by lashing out at the twitter users. He said users who are having an issue can join “Masterbatedone”. When twitter services were down Musk’s sarcastic tweets came out. Due to the change of twitter’s ownership , some users are quitting twitter and they join rival platforms like Koo and Mastodon.  In 2019 Mastodon gained a lot of popularity in India , so it’s not a brand  new platform . Since  senior Supreme Court advocate Sanjay Hegde’s account was suspended  many netizens fled to “masterbatedone”. Masterbatedone and twitter almost share same features .  But former’s operations are slightly different. It is an open-source social networking service which allows users to either host their own ‘community’ or join an already existing one. In the midst of these campaigns twitter is doing well. As per reports when Musk became the owner recently Twitter’s daily user growth hit all time high. The report notes that “Twitter’s monetisable daily user (mDAU) growth has accelerated to more than 20 per cent, while Twitter’s largest market, the US, is growing even more quickly”.                             


ctn author