In Punjab fog has occurred  as a dense to very dense layer as per  The India Meteorological Department (IMD) . It’s also present in Haryana, Delhi , Chandigarh, North Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. In many cities, there is a very low  visibility due to the thick blanket of fog . The visibility range recorded at 5:30 am in Delhi’s Palam is only 25 metres.  In the Safdarjung area, the visibility was 50 metres. In Lucknow, Patiala , Ganganagar and Amritsar the visibility level is of 25 metres as per weather office. The visibility reduced to Zero since the fog was so dense in Bhatinda. For the next few days in the Indo – Gangetic plains the dense fog cover is likely to remain. In Western Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi and Haryana today and tomorrow a red alert has been issued for the low visibility. Traffic on the road has been affected . The vehicles were seen driving cautiously on the street . A fog alert has been issued at Delhi Airport. At Airport low visibility procedures are going on in rapid pace.


ctn author