As per  the State News agency Xinhua of china , on Wednesday night there was a gas explosion.  Thirty one people were killed and they were from China’s northwestern Ningxia region. This blast took place on the eve of Dragon boat festival holiday in a barbecue restaurant.   It took place in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region,  the capital city of Yinchuan. Preparations were going on in full swing when  the explosion occurred at around 8:40 pm. Muslims are major residents of the locality. A leakage from the liquified petroleum gas tank at the restaurant seems to be the main reason for the explosion. Seven people are currently receiving treatment for burns and injuries that’s caused by shattered glass. Treatment for the injured has to be prioritized said Chinese President Xi Jinping. In all sectors and key industries safety supervisions must be enhanced. In china it’s unfortunately common of similar chemical and gas explosions despite efforts are being taken continuously, 173 lives were claimed in 2015 in the Northern Port city of Tianjin.         


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