On Sunday tension erupted in West Bengal’s Mominpur area between two communities. Soon things turned violent as people started throwing  stones and vehicles were being damaged. As per police reports ,on Saturday night religious flags were put up for Milad – Un – Nabi . These flags were vandalised leading to tension. For causing a ruckus in the area , as many as 20 people have been detained . Previous night also more four people have been arrested . Mr. Amit Malviya , BJP’s social media head reacted to the violence by taking to twitter , slamming the ruling government under Mamata Banerjee . Under  her governance communal riots have become common was his view.  He added, “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”, referring to the 1946 Noakhali riots. Hindus celebrate Kojagari Lakshmi Puja on the same day and so he drew comparison  between the two incidents happening on the same day. Surrounding the Ekbalpur police station , many people were gathered on Sunday.  From  when the violence has been reported security has been tightened . Many cops have been injured  including Deputy Commissioner of Police Soumya Roy. He is currently undergoing treatment as he was hit by a crude bomb.


ctn author