Among the four regions of the country , the most dried region is the North west India. Surprisingly North West India has received  rainfall in a disproportionate way . Surplus rainfall is the case now. Since June 1 rainfall has been deficient  in 40%  but in North West India there is a 64% surplus.  In July in North West India , the rainfall received is usually more than double it’s normal quantity of rain. The highest for any day  across the four regions of this season was on Sunday when North West India recorded 28.5 mm of rain. Since June 1 the monsoon is now  2%  above normal in India. In 15 out of 36 subdivisions , rainfall is deficient with a 20% below normal rate. Mr. Mohapatra IMD chief gave reasons why North west India received high rainfall than other regions. He said cyclone Biparjoy brought in much rainfall in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and South Uttar Pradesh in June.  These areas never get  rainfall in June. The second reason is the two -system confluence  , the interaction between western disturbance and  monsoon circulation. This has affected North West  India to an extent.


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