Gayathri Suresh is one of the Malayalam actresses, who stepped into Tamil cinema, and she made her Tamil debut in ‘4G’ opposite GV Prakash Kumar. Now, the latest report doing rounds on the internet is that Gayathri Suresh has given a public apology for the car accident that took place recently.
Gayathri was traveling in a car with her friends a few days ago and the car driven by her friend collided with another vehicle. However, the matter of concern was that Gayathri Suresh and her friends didn’t stop the car and rushed away from the place.

But the vehicle that collided with Gayathri Suresh’s vehicle chased and caught them, and they reportedly started to yell at the actress and her friends. The gathered public at the venue asked the accused to apologise for their mistake. Police officials then arrived at the spot and pacified the two parties to find a smooth solution in favor of the ladies. But some eyewitnesses shared a few videos on social media with negative comments against the actress.

Gayathri Suresh later explained the incident through a video, apologised and requested the public to understand her plight.


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