A stressful lifestyle can only add up to various health issues. But making time for exercise coupled with a nutritious diet can greatly help in the way you feel and may enable a longer life span. One doesn’t really have to hit the gym to exercise. In fact, there are several forms of easy routines that can be done at home to keep the body fit and healthy.

Fitness instructor and pilates consultant Yasmin Karachiwala took to Instagram recently and shared a video in which she is doing cardio exercises using only a chair. Yasmin, who has various Bollywood celebs like Katrina Kaif as her client, was seen doing five kinds of exercises making the chair her prop. Take a look at these exercises below:


Just like regular squats, keep the chair seat as the lowest point of doing squats. Just Yasmin, repeat this process 30 times in sets of three. Squats strengthen the thighs and provide a slimmer waistline. It is also great cardio exercise.


Using the edge of the chair, use your arms to lower and stretch your body. This exercise gives you a strong upper body and gives you thin arms while strengthening the muscles.


Difficult to do regular push-ups? Use a chair. Like Yasmin, you can use the height of the seat to do push-ups. This type of exercise straightens your posture, enables strong arms, and focuses on the core to reduce belly fat.


Seated abdominals, demonstrated by Yasmin, concentrate on core strength and legs. These are similar to regular crunches, which engage the body weight to reduce fat.


Using a chair, the jackknife exercise is easy and not just targets belly fat, it also strengthens the spinal cord and the upper and lower abdominal muscles.


India today