On Sunday  a  community social media platform “ Local Circles”  from Delhi has  conducted a survey . In the last few weeks it was noticed that in 80% of the Delhi NCR families atleast one member has health issues. It’s related to air pollution . The air quality in the capital is between very poor and severe categories. This poisonous air leads to many health hazards. As per the survey atleast one of the family member visited the hospital . This was calculated from around 18% of the people. Some families have spoken to Doctors regarding this and exchanged messages. This mounts upto 22% . Out of a study of 8097 respondents following datas were received .  69 per cent said that they were experiencing sore throat and/or cough; 56 per cent complained of burning eyes; 50 per cent runny nose and/or congestion; 44 per cent were reeling under breathing difficulty/asthma; 44 per cent were afflicted with headaches; 44 per cent were having problems in sleeping; and 31 per cent had anxiety and/or difficulty concentrating, the study added. Sachin Taparia, the founder of LocalCircles, said, “Four in five families in Delhi-NCR have some member experiencing pollution-related problems. The situation has turned worse in the last five days.” Comparing Human air, getting exposed to  fine particulate matter (PM2.5), which is 25 to 100 times thinner will have health impacts. It may be short term or long term. Lung cancer, heart problems and respiratory issues will have high chances of increasing due to air pollution.


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