Bangali actress-politician Nusrat Jahan got married to businessman Nikhil Jain in 2019 in Turkey’s Bodrum. It was at that time when she had won Lok Sabha elections and became a Member of Parliament (MP). Soon, she had attended her first parliament session dressed as a newlywed. For the past few days, there were rumours that Nusrat has separated from her husband Nikhil Jain and is now dating co-star Yash Dasgupta. Soon, reports of her being pregnant with Yash’s kid surfaced online. 

Though Nusrat didn’t address her pregnancy or relationship rumours, she did clear her stand on separation from Nikhil. The actress-politician took the internet by storm when she announced that she has separated from Nikhil and their wedding was not “valid” as it was an “interfaith” marriage. Not just that, Nusrat also accused Nikhil of misusing her finances and illegally taking money from her account. She also claimed that Nikhil is “mishandling” her funds from various accounts without her knowledge and consent. 

After making the shocking revelations, Nusrat took to social media and shared a throwback photo of herself and along with it, she shared a cryptic note that reads, “I won’t be remembered as a woman who can keep her mouth shut… and I’m ok with that….  #throwbackpic #deserted #retrospective.” In the pic, she is looking away from the camera and is admiring the sunset. 

Check out the photo of Nusrat Jahan below:

Not just the cryptic post, Nusrat has also deleted all her photos and videos with Nikhil Jain and now her wedding photos are not there on her social media handles. 

As per Nusrat, her marriage is invalid as it was an interfaith one, and they were required to get a validation under the Special Marriage Act in India, which they didn’t. In her shocking claims, Nusrat also said that Nikhil still has her family jewellery, clothes and other items. Nusrat said that she is “disheartened and disappointed”.

Talking about her separation from Nikhil, Nusrat said, “Being on foreign land, as per Turkish Marriage Regulation, the ceremony is invalid. Moreover, since it was an interfaith marriage, it requires validation under the Special Marriage Act in India, which did not happen. As per the court of law, it is not a Marriage, but a relationship or a live-in relationship. Thus, the question of divorce does not arise. Our separation happened long back, but I did not speak about it as I intended to keep my private life to myself. Thus, my actions must not be questioned based on “separation”, by the media or anybody I am not related to. The alleged marriage is not legal, valid, and tenable; and thus, was not a marriage at all in the eye of law.” 

Nusrat and Nikhil have been living separately since November 2020.   

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