The big tech companies will not be kind towards unvaccinated employees anymore. After Google, now Intel will reportedly put unvaccinated employees on unpaid leave. The company has reportedly asked the employees to submit their vaccination or medical reasons for not taking the vaccine by January 4, failing which employees will be put on unpaid leave, the report by Associated Press and The Oregonian.

As per the memo obtained by the publication, Intel HR boss Christy Pambianchi said that the unvaccinated employees will have to seek an exemption or get themselves tested every week even if they are working from home. Pambianchi said in the memo that the company will accept the medical and religious exemptions until March 15, 2022. The memo also states that if the company refuses to grant the exemption, the employees would be put on unpaid leave for three months starting at April 4 but will not be terminated. The HR head also stated that Intel will provide healthcare benefits to employees who are put on leave.

It has been reported that big tech companies have rolled out any rules to comply with US President Joe Biden’s order to vaccinate employees. It is especially applicable to companies with over 100 companies. “We are closely monitoring the legal environment and expect it will take time for the case in Georgia, as well as other similar cases, to be fully resolved,” Intel said in a statement obtained by The Oregonian

Google had also announced stringent laws for unvaccinated employees. Google in an email to its employees gave a deadline till December 3 to submit the vaccination details. Employees were also given the option to apply for a medical or religious exemption by December 3. The memo said that after the deadline, the employees who had failed to submit any documents regarding their vaccination status will be personally contacted by the company. The employees whose exemption requests were not approved by the company will also be pulled up.

Google in the email said that the employees who fail to comply with the vaccination rules by Jan 18 will be placed on “paid administrative leave” for 30 days. Post which, they will be put on “unpaid personal leave” for six months. If they don’t get vaccination even then, they will be asked to leave the company.


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