This week because  of macro-eonomic conditions  Amazon has started a mass layoff of employees. Impact of layoffs on the number of employees is still not crystal clear. In 2023 the company CEO Andy Jassy has confirmed there will be more layoffs.  The global tech giants is in shakes due to to the present slowdown of economic conditions. Employee benefits and a good work culture is provided by companies like Amazon, Meta and twitter. But they have now cut down on their employees to overcome the macro – economic conditions. Things are yet to become stable.  On Wednesday  Amazon started the biggest ever lay-off.  It will be continued doing  even in the arriving months of 2023. Even in the top department like Alexa voice assistant Division , employees have been laid off.  To HR employees a voluntary buyout has been sent.  An official statement has been released by Amazon CEO , stating  lay offs will take place in 2023.  “Our annual planning process extends into the new year, which means there will be more role reductions as leaders continue to make adjustments. Those decisions will be shared with impacted employees and organisations early in 2023,” said Jassy in his first public statement on layoffs. The number of employees to be laid off is still not determined but Dave Limp Senior Vice President of  Devices and Services,  said there will be a reduction.  In early 2023 the company said it will inform the impacted employees.


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