Amazon has announced its next major sale event, the Great Indian Festive sale will begin in India soon. Although the date is yet to be revealed, the company has already created a micro-site that highlights discounts and offers across a slew of product categories. For instance, the dedicated site notes that the smartphone category will get up to 40 per cent off, while the home and kitchen category will attract up to 70 per cent off. Amazon and its counterpart Flipkart typically announce these deals way before the sale event to help customers create a wishlist.

If you’re among those customers looking forward to the upcoming sale event, then we are here to help you shop more efficiently. There are some tricks in our bag, but most importantly there are certain rules you need to follow to ensure you go back home with the best deals and products in the bag.

1. Get a Prime account: During an Amazon sale, Prime members get access to offers and deals a day before the actual starts for non-Prime members. It could be highly useful if you’re purchasing hot products like iPhones, which get sold out very soon.

Regardless of a sale event, an Amazon Prime membership has many benefits. Not only does it unlock access to Prime Video, users can even download songs and podcasts on Amazon Music for offline usage. Members can download free books on Kindle as well.

2. Track prices: Prices of products on Amazon and Flipkart keep fluctuating, and there are some sites and extensions to help you. However, the Amazon desktop does not work with most extensions, and users have to rely on external sites to see deals.

In that case, you can check out BuyHatke and Keepa. These sites will also give you an idea about the deals throughout the week or month. If the site shows that the desired product is retailing at its lowest price, then there’s no need to wait till the sale event.

Save your card: As mentioned, hot products like iPhones and more get sold out quickly at these sale events like the Great Indian Festival. Apart from creating a wishlist, users must ensure their card details are saved for quick checkout.

4. Don’t fall for ‘blockbuster’ deals: If you check out the dedicated Great Indian Festival sale page, you will notice a dedicated section called ‘8 PM deals’ and ‘Bargain deals under Rs 999’. Do keep in mind that these deals do not necessarily bring discounts on your desired product. If you find that your product, say a smartphone, is already available in your budget, do not waste time and buy at the earliest.

5. Update apps and personal details: Similarly, users must ensure they are using the latest version of the app. Customers must also update their address or add a new address beforehand as devices get sold out correctly.

Amazon says it offers no-cost EMI and exchange options on a host of electronics. But ensure that you read its terms and conditions beforehand to be careful of hidden terms.


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