Gujarat based Dairy co-operative “ Amul” is about to make an entry into Karnataka markets.   With only a month left for Karnataka polls , the congress is aiming towards ruling BJP government. Amul products will be sold only online and on e- commerce platforms in Karnataka . Once this was announced , congress alleged that it was Union Home Minister Amit Shah behind the whole scene. “Nandini” – the home grown Karnataka milk brand has 26 lakh farmers involved in it. So now their lives are vulnerable. The Congress had put out on twitter about the need of bringing two co-operative giants of different parts of a country on the same track. Nandini  brand generates Rs. 20,000 crore of income. The twitter’s post was “Kannadigas swear by the quality and produce of Nandini.” An incentive of Rs.5 per litre was given to farmers simultaneously increasing the milk production . This was under the Ksheera bhagya scheme. There was an increase in milk production as a result of increasing the initiatives. “Under the BJP govt, incentive wasn’t increased at all and milk production in Karnataka has fallen to 70 lakh litres, creating scarcity in retail and hospitality sectors,” it said.


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