Under the comprehensive program of Operation Parivarthana, Andhra Pradesh police destroyed a cumulative total of 5964.85 acres of crop consisting of 29,82,425 cannabis plants with an estimated cost of Rs 1,491.2 crore, within just a span of 36 days.

Police carried out numerous raids in and around the areas situated at Andhra Pradesh- Odisha border.

“In alignment with technology, enforcement, and intelligence, the police department drafted its action plan to ensure that cannabis cultivation and trafficking is under control throughout the state,” said state DGP Goutam Sawang.

Apart from the destruction of cannabis plantations, the drive also works to provide alternative livelihoods for tribals involved in drug cultivation in the agency areas.

The operation ‘Parivarthana’ was launched on October 31 and the state enforcement department claim that it has a huge impact both in terms of voluntary destruction of ganja from the tribals and behavioral change in them.

Under the drive, Visakhapatnam police and Special Enforcement Bureau have intensified cannabis destruction efforts.


India today

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