After launching the first Android 12L Developer Preview on the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro just a few days ago, the first Beta built of Android 12L is now available for download for development. Google has confirmed that it will release an Android 12L feature drop for large screens early next year.

Aside from being able to run Android 12L Beta 1 on the Lenovo tablet and Pixel devices, developers can use Android Studio to emulate their apps on large displays. The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro was the first Android 12L Developer Preview’s host. APIs that enable app makers to “offer a better app usage experience in landscape mode, including easier multitasking” were included, according to Google.

Previous Android versions have suffered from looking like a blown up phone screen, however 12L adds a two-column layout, which makes the most of the larger display. For example, your quick settings and notifications can display side by side. Google’s also working to improve multitasking, letting you drag an app into split-screen mode from the taskbar.

Split screen has been replaced by “Pin to top,” though the same icon is used. Google has made the pull tab in between the two windows wider, while you no longer get a live adjustment. Rather, the app icons appear as the background flashes out until you stop adjusting.

There are also several tweaks for compatibility mode with visual and stability improvements to provide a better user experience and help apps look better by default.

Most of these changes will be most apparent on larger screens, however Pixel devices can also install the Android 12L Beta build by signing up with your Google account and opting in to the Android Beta Program.

You can set up an Android emulator in Android Studio to test out Android 12L’s features on your large screen device right now.

In other news, Google a November report from ThreatFabric revealed that more than 300,000 Android users unknowingly downloaded malware with banking trojan capabilities, and that it bypassed the Google Play Store restrictions.

Google Play is the major repository for Android applications, and any developer can submit his or her own application to the Play Store. The submitted application will then go through an app review process to ensure that it is not malicious and does not violate any of the developer policies.


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