Enraged by the poor condition of a muddy road, villagers from Susaiappar Pattinam in Tamil Nadu’s Ariyalur district protested by planting grass on it. The villagers also raised slogans demanding officials to act on their complaints.

In Ariyalur district’s Susaiappar Pattinam village, the lack of proper road facilities and drainage facilities causes rainwater to accumulate on the road during monsoons. This road is used by public and school vehicles to go from Susaiyappar Pattinam to various areas.

Currently, about 200 metres of the road is in bad condition, making it impossible for school students to walk or cycle on it. Even the general public is unable to walk or use it or transport items. Despite several petitions to the authorities, no action was taken.

Enraged by this, the people of the area started a protest by planting grass on the muddy and slushy road. Villagers said that several potholes had also formed on the road post the rainfall, adding that officials had temporarily filled the holes with mud, but it was of no use.

Through today’s protest, villagers requested the district administration to repair the road in Susaiyappar Pattinam, construct drainage channels on both sides and take steps to convert the road into a tar road.


India today