Chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal opposed the order which was delivered by lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal’s, which depicts that no corona virus patients to be sent under home isolation before a compulsory five-days institutional quarantine . this order was issued on Friday, which was opposed by the Delhi political parties including Aam Aadmi party government by claiming that already the beds numbers are decreasing with increase in corona cases , when the authorized body Indian council of medical research has already permits to have home isolation for asymptomatic patients across the country ,then why should .Delhi only have to make separate guidelines ?

Kejriwal has stated that “the asymptomatic patients have the option for home isolation and also mentioned that nowhere in the world asymptomatic cases been sent tot institutional quarantine “in Delhi disaster management Authority meeting . The DDMA meeting has concluded with no results and the order has not yet been confirmed , to have the final call on evening’s meeting .


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