The Heritage street near the Golden Temple in Punjab’s Amritsar is now in the limelight .  A  person was injured  in a blast at the same spot only after few hours for another explosion to take place. The second explosion too was today morning. Within 24 hours in the nearby areas of the Golden temple , a second major bomb blast occurred . At 6:30 today morning it happened.  The  samples are collected for examination after officials reached the spot. The forensic teams and the police including the Police Commissioner were the officials.   ADCP of  Amritsar , Mehtab  Singh told “We are verifying. The situation is normal here. Anti-sabotage, Bomb Squad, and FSL teams are here. One person has received a minor injury in the leg.”  Nearby locals heard the bomb blast and the smoke was also visible. In the Heritage street parking lot , the explosive substance bomb hung by a thread was thrown by an anonymous person . On Saturday night panic gripped among the residents when one person got severe injuries. The glass interiors of a building got damaged in the explosion. At the Heritage street through the restaurant’s chimney , the blast occurred is the statement given by the police. In Saturday night’s explosion many metal pieces have  been used and police recovered it.


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