The  Shivamogga ISIS module that’s active in South India and Karnataka for the past five years  might have a major link in the the Bengaluru Rameshwaram Cafe blast case as per the National Investigation Agency (NIA) . Sources from Agency have informed India Today TV.  On March 1 in Bengaluru’s popular cafe ten people were injured in the low – intensity blast. The youth in the region has been targeted by this module. With timer’s use the explosion was carried out by triggering an IED bomb . On the day of the blast to procure explosives and for the accused to move from one location to another, this module has aided the movement of the accused. The way suspects would have entered Karnataka from TamilNadu and Kerala using this module is being investigated by NIA. On Wednesday a key suspect of the case was taken into custody . The suspect identified as Shabbir was nabbed from Bellary district in Karnataka. Evidence has been obtained by the Investigation agency regarding the materials linking the  Bengaluru Rameshwaram Cafe blast and the Bengaluru auto blast. For the past five years the Shivamogga schedule has been involved in three terrorist  incidents in south India .  


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