HY21WWFTo provide healthcare facilities in the remotest forest areas of the country Apollo hospitals reaffirmed its commitment  to wildlife protection by collaborating with World Wildlife fund(WWF).   Apollo will be conducting Health camps to provide health care facilities to wildlife officials, forest dwellers and human stakeholders in forests.  The treatment would cover injuries because of falls,animal attack,burns from fire-fighting and vector-borne illnesses like malaria or dengue.  Similar facilities have been  provided in the  past as part of agreements with WWF.   Medical services now will immediately be extended to Kaziranga National Park and Nallamala forest area, a spokesperson for the group, said.  The risks taken by Wildlife protectors is known to the foundation said vice chairperson of the foundation Upasana Kamineni Konidela . “We at Apollo Hospitals Foundation understand the perils that these frontline staff face and we are always there to support them in their endeavour to help conserve our wildlife,” she said while signing the agreement with Secretary General and CEO, WWF India Ravi Singh.   Ms. Kamineni also committed to help the species of Red Panda thrive in the country.

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