Apple one of the top tech firm is now going to enter into the automobile industries to open and start the cars with mobile i phones. apple has announced that the new technology called CAR KEY which will be used car owners to open and start their vehicle with their i phones.

This car key feature is to launch first in 2021,BMW 5 series, which will strike the U.S leaderships on july followed by further automobiles sectors in future. this car key technology will be available on devices with Apple’s current iOS 13 operating system as well as the upcoming iOS system.

The drivers can simply tap the door with their iPhone to unlock, then by placing the iPhone to the charging pads and can push the ignition button to start the car, this car key will also allow users to share data within few centimetres . Apple is striving hard to expand the technology to more cars.

This car key technology also have the updates to its Maps service, including a feature that would take into account an electric car’s make and model battery level, and environmental conditions, and locate charging stations in between the route.

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