Apple iPhone 14 may feature a radical design and that may mark the death of the controversial yet familiar notch. A new report has rekindled the rumours about a punch-hole display on next year’s iPhone, and it may be the biggest departure from the iPhone design since iPhone X. Apple introduced the bathtub-shaped notch on iPhone X and since then the notch became popular, so much so that nearly every Android phone began to copy it.

Per a report by Korean website The Elec, which has a good track record of its information about iPhone displays, Apple has contracted with Samsung for the displays of next year’s iPhone. Samsung has reportedly begun receiving machines from Philoptics and Wonik IPS that will be used to make cutouts in OLED displays using laser technology. These displays are meant to be used in the iPhone 14, the report said.

Apple may be finally thinking of doing away with the notch, after retaining it for five generations of the flagship iPhone. While the first four generations of the iPhone had an identical notch, the latest iPhone 13 series, which is the fifth generation, brought slight changes to the notch. The notch became a bit narrower but slightly taller. However, the miniaturisation of the notch is useless because, even though it increased the screen-to-body ratio by a little, the narrower notch does not translate into anything useful for users.

Now, maybe Apple is finally realising it is no longer impressed by the iPhone design. And this falls in line with Apple’s tradition, which is that after four-five years, the design of the iPhone becomes due for an overhaul. The drastic overhaul next year may be the punch-hole, which is likely to give customers the highest screen-to-body ratio ever on an iPhone. And Apple is counting on Samsung because of the latter’s proficiency in punching holes in smartphone displays. According to industry insiders cited in the report, iPhone 14 will use Samsung’s HIAA (Hole-in-Active-Area) method, which is the most advanced technology for making punch-holes in OLED displays.

But, since notch is an essential design element for Apple’s Face ID biometric authentication to work, it is not clear what alternative Apple will switch to. There is a possibility of an in-display fingerprint sensor, which, in Apple’s case, will be Touch ID on the display. But I am not sure about that.

Apple may be planning to introduce the punch-hole on the display of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max next year. And since that is a long time, we are likely to see renders of the next iPhone and get an idea of what the new display design will look like on the iPhone.


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