The newly redesigned Apple MacBook Pro is now for sale in India.

The latest Apple MacBook Pro lineup has finally arrived in India. There are five models- three options for the 13-inch MacBook Pro and two for the 15-inch variant. The cheapest MacBook Pro (13-inch) costs Rs 1,29,900 and doesn’t come with the Touch Bar integrated Touch ID. To get the new Touch Bar, 13 –inch variant pro costs minimum of Rs 1,55,900 with 256GB SSD and  and Rs 1,72,900 for the 512 GB version.

On the other hand, the bigger MacBook which has a 15-inch display, costs Rs 2,05,900 and Rs 2,41,900 for the 256GB and 512 GB variants respectively.

The 15 inch MacBook Pro has got 14 percent thinner and weighs only 1.83 kg; and the 13-inch device is 17 percent thinner and weighs 1.37 kgs.

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