MacBook Pro with new M1 Max and M1 Pro processors is Apple’s most powerful laptop. But there still may be a way for this MacBook Pro to reach its full potential. A new “High Power Mode” was spotted in the latest beta release of macOS Monterey that starts rolling out next week, and that may be able to “optimise performance to better support resource-intensive tasks”, according to MacRumors.

Steve Moser, who is a contributor for MacRumors, took to Twitter to share a screenshot where the latest macOS Monterey beta release shows “High Power Mode” in its code. This sounds similar to the likes of Turbo Mode on Windows PC, but a mode as such has never been seen before on a MacBook, but it seems Apple wants to go all-out this time with its MacBook Pro. Apple is already achieving success in its chip-making gambit, and this “High Power Mode” might be the best way to show how good its new M1 Max and M1 Pro chips are.

Using the “High Power Mode” on the MacBook Pro will certainly increase the processor’s capabilities to churn up more workload, but that will be compensated by a louder fan noise than normal. Moser said the fan may start running at a higher speed to provide enough cooling to the processor during the mode. I am assuming this feature is going to be useful when you want to edit multiple video streams on Final Cut Pro or if you are rendering a full-length movie on the MacBook Pro with all sorts of customisations in it.

This mode was found only in the code of macOS Monterey beta for the new MacBook Pro, and not the one for the older M1 MacBook Pro, so it is possible “High Power Mode” is going to be exclusive to the new MacBook Pro that runs M1 Max and M1 Pro chipsets. But the fact that Apple did not choose to mention this feature while announcing the two chipsets or the MacBook Pro at the event is kind of strange. This mode was also not talked about back when Apple announced macOS Monterey at WWDC.

No chatter about the “High Power Mode” may mean only one thing and that is that this feature is still not ready for use. Apple may have this feature disabled on the MacBook Pro until it is finished. So, while macOS Monterey arrives for everyone on Monday, the new MacBook Pro will be available from the next day. And the users of the new MacBook Pro should not hope to get this elusive “High Power Mode” just as yet.

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